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How to Make a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

This Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board is so fun to make and is a true holiday show-stopper! Filled with all the sweet toppings and homemade hot chocolate mix as a centerpiece, this hot chocolate board is a fun new way to serve hot chocolate at your next holiday gathering!

I definitely have a lot of classic recipes that I make each Christmas but I always love to try new traditions and festive ideas. Last year, I made a very fancy Christmas charcuterie board which was all the rage at the time. While charcuterie boards are still very popular, I discovered a new kind of board that I will definitely be preparing this Christmas- the hot chocolate board.

Let me tell you all about it!

What is a Hot Chocolate Board?

hot chocolate charcuterie board


hot chocolate board

A hot chocolate board is essentially a giant, beautiful display of hot chocolate mix-ins that you use to create the ultimate mug of cocoa. Anything that you can think of to add to a cup of hot chocolate should be included on this board. From crushed peppermints to milk chocolate chips, chocolate syrup to caramel bites, you should add it all! Give your friends and family everything they need to make an over the top cup of Christmas cocoa.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Perfect last-minute party food
  • Easy to customize
  • Crowd-pleaser
  • Makes hot cocoa fun

How to Make the BEST Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

hot chocolate board

My fun and festive hot chocolate charcuterie board has a huge list of candies and all the sweet toppings perfect for making hot chocolate drink. I also use my own homemade hot chocolate mix as the centerpiece to the board. You can choose to buy your favorite cocoa mix but having a homemade version makes the hot chocolate board even more special!

hot chocolate charcuterie board

In addition to thinking about what toppings will taste good with cocoa, I also consider what will look great on the hot chocolate board. Fun, festive marshmallows are a great holiday addition. Candy canes stick with the Christmas theme and are perfect for making peppermint hot cocoa. Chocolate-dipped pretzel rods can be used to stir the hot chocolate and the long shape looks good among the smaller ingredients on the hot chocolate board.

hot chocolate charcuterie boards


My fun and festive hot chocolate charcuterie board includes:

how to make a hot chocolate board

How to Build a Beautiful Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

1. Grab a large tray or board.

2. Start in the center where you want your centerpiece.

3. Add small bowls and start filling in all the spaces with all the goodies until the board is completely full.

Tips and Suggestions

  • If you want to add alcohol to your hot chocolate charcuterie board, put them in shot glasses if you’re serving it at an adult gathering.
  • For smaller items like sprinkles, crushed peppermint, or mints, I suggest adding them to a smaller bowl so your guests can take what they want with a spoonful.
  • Try dipping the rip of the mug into chocolate syrup or even caramel and then sprinkles or crushed peppermint.
  • I have always had luck at Target, Marshalls, or even Home Goods to find fun festive items to add to the hot chocolate boards.
  • If you don’t want to make your own hot chocolate mix or you don’t have time to make your own, store bought hot chocolate mix is just fine.

Get creative and see what kind of fun add-ins you can find. Every hot chocolate board is different but that is just another thing that makes them so fun to put together!

Christmas Dessert Board

You can make this hot cocoa board ahead of time, laying out all the toppings and cocoa ingredients on the board, then wrapping it tightly until you are ready to serve it. I am planning on putting my hot chocolate board next to a slow cooker full of cocoa and mugs. My family can ladle the cocoa into a cup and then choose from the beautiful display of toppings! I am really curious to see what everyone creates and which toppings are the family favorite.

hot chocolate charcuterie boards

A hot chocolate board will look fantastic on your Christmas dessert table. It is such a fun, new way to serve a traditional Christmas drink. I can already imagine my family bonding over cocoa toppings and sipping deluxe hot chocolates while we watch a Christmas movie.

Try making a hot chocolate board this season and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I know we are all busy doing last minute Christmas tasks but making a hot chocolate board is something you need to add to your list. It is fun to make and a true holiday show-stopper. This is also a new Christmas tradition you can start with your family every year!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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I hope you like this hot chocolate board – be sure to give it a review below!

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  1. Grace Adquillen
    12/19/2023 / 9:18 am

    Wow that looks delicious and great idea for this holiday party!
    Your hot chocolate reminds me of mom.

  2. 12/28/2021 / 3:19 pm

    Oh my goodness this board looks absolutely incredible, I have to admit I’ve been enjoying a hot chocolate of an evening but they are nothing compared to this.

  3. Melissa Cushing
    12/23/2021 / 11:48 pm

    I am so loving this beautiful board! It is perfect for the Holidays and my entire family would seriously love this 😉

  4. Thena Franssen
    12/23/2021 / 12:35 pm

    Yes to all of this! We’re making this tonight for our holiday movie night binge so I’ll let you know how it goes!

  5. 12/22/2021 / 6:53 pm

    I am loving the idea of this hot chocolate charcuterie board and I’m sure the kids would absolutely love this.

  6. Sonia Seivwright
    12/22/2021 / 6:03 pm

    Ok! That looks Amazing!! I love Hot Chocolate. I wonder why I haven’t thought of this. What an exciting way to start Christmas morning.

  7. 12/22/2021 / 2:43 pm

    How adorable and so festive! I love having hot cocoa. This would be great to have!

  8. Jennifer Prince
    12/22/2021 / 2:29 pm

    Oh my goodness! This is such a cute idea, and I just might try this for Christmas day. So fun!

  9. 12/22/2021 / 9:55 am

    Everything matches with the Christmas vibe. I will give this dish a try on Christmas.

  10. Dani Torr
    12/22/2021 / 8:58 am

    This looks like a fun project! My favorite toppings with hot chocolate are definitely pretzels, sprinkles and marshmallows. It would be cool to do this as a family and see what everyone comes up with!

  11. Beth
    12/22/2021 / 2:58 am

    What a fun idea! This is perfect for entertaining!

  12. 12/22/2021 / 2:30 am

    This would be such a special thing to do for the kids. Looks like a lot of fun!

  13. 12/22/2021 / 1:15 am

    How fabulous is this? Festive, colorful and fun. I need this in my life

  14. Ebony
    12/21/2021 / 11:47 pm

    This looks like such a lovely idea! I’m having a girls night tomorrow so I am going to Instacart these ingredients to my house right now! THanks for the inspo!

  15. 12/21/2021 / 7:21 pm

    I think this is now my fav charcuterie board!! thank you!

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    Love this fun twist on a cheese board. Totally making this..

  17. 12/21/2021 / 3:59 pm

    I’d love to create a hot chocolate board. It’s such a fun idea to do for an afternoon in the kitchen with family. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Richelle Milar
    12/21/2021 / 2:53 pm

    Wow that was a really amazing and really fun idea I know my kids would love this so much

  19. Rose Ann Sales
    12/21/2021 / 2:51 pm

    Wow that was a really great idea for Christmas my kids really love a hot chocolate

  20. 12/21/2021 / 2:45 pm

    If I made this for my girls they would go crazy! I can’t wait to surprise them.

  21. 12/21/2021 / 1:32 pm

    Amazing and creative board here. This is something I always enjoy making with the kids

  22. 12/21/2021 / 1:31 pm

    This is perfect for the Holidays. It’s gonna be my first time making it. Hopefully I can make it successfully

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    Oh this is definitely on my list of things to create for Xmas eve and Xmas day. Thank you for the idea and beautiful tasty looking creations!

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    This is so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat it. Notice I said almost 🙂 . Looks completely delicious.

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    I need to make this for the little ones to enjoy this holiday. They love anything that involves hot chocolate!

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    12/21/2021 / 2:02 am

    This is amazing. I love charcuterie boards. I have got to make one like this. I love it!

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    What a great and creative idea! Definitely going to try this.

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    I will be making this for a holiday party that I am attending tomorrow. It is so cool looking.

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    This is such a fun idea, my kiddos would love this.

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    Great idea for the Christmas holiday. One can never have too much chocolate and fun!

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    12/20/2021 / 11:09 pm

    Oh wow, what an amazing board. I cannot wait to make this. We love hot chocolate!

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