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4 Types of Home Furniture You Need if You’re Short On Space

4 Types of Home Furniture You Need if You’re Short On Space

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There’s something to say about “small places.” I mean, one of the new hit shows on tv now is specifically about people choosing to minimize and go small. While that may not be for me (or you!), there are times when we have to squish more things into a small space.

Here are some types of furniture you can buy if you need to save space:

*A loft bed with storage

As moms, we all know kids grow, and with that, comes a varying amount of “stuff.” For this reason, a loft bed with storage in the stairs or where one of the supporting walls acts as storage or a book case is useful. By keeping the bed off the floor, additional space below can be used for a desk, or, if you have more kids, a second bed. There are even beds that have built in armoires and added trundle beds to save even more space. if you need more ideas, why not check out Tesco’s guide about buying furniture.

*Coffee table that hides ottomans

Next up, let’s focus on the entertainment zone. Yes, even with a small living area, you will have guests over at times. One option to consider is a coffee table that hides ottomans for seating. Instead, go for a coffee table that allows stools to slide beneath for easy storage.

*A kitchen island or cart on wheels

kitchen island on wheels
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Okay, the kitchen is one place that most everyone wants more space. Keeping appliances that you use less than once a week stored away will make cleanup easier, but it can also mean you need to find a place for all the “stuff.” In this case, a kitchen island or cart on wheels is a great way to store away items you don’t use regularly, and also allow you to move items in and out. Plus, that space becomes useful when you need extra counter space when preparing for a holiday or extra company.

*A bed frame with option for drawers on casters

Finally, when it comes to needing more space, your bedroom often becomes the catch all. For this reason, make use of the space under your bed. But, with an upgrade. By buying a bed frame that has an option for drawers on casters, you’re able to make most of the space, but also keep the look updated (and the mess away from visitors’ eyes!)

What are some ideas you have for making the most of the space you have?

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