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Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

My husband and I just celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary and in the process of looking for the perfect gift for him, I thought about writing a roundup of the best anniversary gifts to give to your husband. I hope this helps!

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your husband, I’ve got you covered. No matter what type of guy your hubby is, I’ve got a list of perfect items that he’s sure to love.

best anniversary gifts for your husband

The Outdoorsy Guy

If your hubby is about all-things-outdoors, your options are pretty much endless this anniversary. If he’s a water sports buff, grab him a canoe that will keep him busy for years to come. Any guy who spends a majority of his time outdoors needs a solid jacket, and why not give it a little style with its function? Many designers are now creating items that are both sporty and stylish. Check out tried and true jackets from The North Face to keep him warm and looking good. Does your outdoorsy husband love to hike? Grab him an ultralight backpack for all of his hiking essentials.

The Hipster Hubby

Your husband no doubt appreciates a good craft beer—what self-respecting hipster doesn’t? Make his month, every month, with a delivery of unique, handcrafted beers straight to your doorstep. Is he obsessed with graphic tees, so much so that your closet looks like the inside of a comic book store? Indulge his favorites and check out Urban Outfitters’ massive selection of printed tees designed to tickle his fancy. Even if his vision is 20-20, some stylish non-prescription glasses can provide an injection of effortless style. Check out some trendy Ray Bans, and give his hipster look that extra touch.

The Fashionable Hunk

If your husband is more up on the fashion scene than you, finding the perfect gift can be a struggle, this gift idea could be suitable for any type of man your husband is, you’ll just have to pick out the right one – you can never go wrong with a timeless watch for your special man. Luckily there are a variety of items you can purchase that he will love. If your partner is somewhat of a watch fanatic and you’re worried about picking home out the wrong watch then don’t worry, a watch box for him to store his watches is always great for birthdays and anniversaries. Whether it be the latest trends in men’s jewelry or accessories that will complement his personal style perfectly, finding the ideal gift is just a fashion post away. If your fashion-forward hubby sports a clean-shaven style, gift him with a practical option that will make his grooming even easier. Buy him a subscription to something like the Dollar Shave Club, and he’ll never have to run out for razors again.

The Sentimental Fella

If your husband is a sentimental man who loves all things related to memories, love, and preserving good times, check time capsule. It comes with all the necessary components to make saving your special moments an easy task. If your sentimental guy is a literature junkie, try to find a leather bound edition of his favorite book (if you can’t find a limited first edition). For a unique present he surely won’t expect, mix some sentimental messages and pictures of the two of you with a mind-bending personalized Rubik’s cube. Every time he tries to solve it, he’ll remember how much you love him. If you’re looking for something a little bit more unique then look no further.

The Daredevil

If you find yourself constantly stressing because your husband always seems to put himself into dangerous situations, feed into his inner daredevil with a bonafide adventure. This could mean a day at the racetrack where he can live out his childhood dreams of becoming the world’s fastest NASCAR driver, or it could mean sending him up into the clouds for a skydiving adventure. If you’re just as adventurous, plan it as a couple’s activity and reach new heights in your relationship—literally. Whether he wants to experience being a fighter pilot for the day, or has always expressed an interest in being strapped to a jet pack, make it easy to plan the perfect anniversary adventure that he’ll never see coming. You’ll score some major points with these ones, we promise.

The Modern Man

Your husband loves all things modern and high-tech, and maybe you find him coming home with things you’ve never even heard of before. How in the world are you supposed to get something for your gadget guru that he hasn’t gotten for himself? Luckily, finding the perfect modern gift is made easy with websites like Touch of Modern. Peruse through their offerings and discover high-tech, unique items sure to please even the most advanced hubby. From handcrafted wall art pieces to the latest in fashion, this site is like a treasure trove of all-things modern.

Finding the perfect anniversary gift shouldn’t be stressful, and no matter what type of guy he is, your hubby is sure to love many of the things on this list. Make it an anniversary to remember and get him the best present possible by following these guidelines.

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