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Think About Your Eyes: Back to School Means It’s Time to Get Your Child’s Eye Exam Scheduled

Think About Your Eyes: Back to School Means It’s Time to Get Your Child’s Eye Exam Scheduled

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“You’d better get your eyes checked!” That may be something we hear when someone’s overlooking something basic and used in jest – but it is a serious topic of conversation. The average person’s knowledge of their eyes is minimal and they may not know when they have something wrong with them. For example, dry eye syndrome is a pretty common condition but is barely known. Although laser eye surgery can give someone 20/20 vision, by getting someone’s eyes regularly checked as a child, it can help prevent progressive eye problems and minimize discomfort as they grow up. When we say we want the best for our kids, one thing that we should keep in mind is removing unnecessary obstacles. There are many vision problems that can cause a challenge both in school and out of school. Of course, you can’t fix every set of eyes with a pair of glasses but regular check-ups can monitor any issues and help provide solutions to problems before they develop into bigger problems.

Think About Your Eyes – Eye Exam Awareness Month

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A comprehensive exam should be part of your child’s back to school preparation. Why? 80% of what children learn comes through their eyes. So why do 60% of parents feel an eye exam is not key to a child’s healthy checkup schedule?

Do not wait until your child is showing symptoms of a problem – the earlier your child’s issues are caught, the better. It is believed that 5% to 10% of preschoolers and 25% of school-aged children have eye problems, and eye problems can actually be more than just needing to sit in the front row. By scheduling an Eye Exam in Eye Exam awareness month you can help possibly catch your child’s vision problems early on, because eye health is important. Did you know that left untreated, some eye issues can cause permanent vision loss? It is so important that you go get your eyes tested. Don’t just leave because you can’t be bothered, go get your eyes tested!

A very good friend of mine actually told me a recent story about his niece whose teacher recommended an eye exam. So his niece went to get her eyes checked and after her new eyeglasses came, she was amazed! Her grandmother brought her to a drive-in restaurant and she was amazed by what she saw. She had just thought the menu was painted sloppily! Her vision just wasn’t sharp! This goes to show that.. just because your child’s grades are fine, it doesn’t mean their vision doesn’t need to be checked.

August is Eye Exam National Awareness Month

August is Eye Exam Awareness Month and should be part of the back to school routine. If your school has already started, it’s okay! Many professionals have evening and weekend hours to help ensure children get and stay on track for learning. I’m so glad that I can write about this to help a national public awareness campaign that promotes the benefits of eye health, urging people to get annual comprehensive eye exams.

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Don’t be one of the 50% of parents who believe only children who need glasses or contacts need to see an eye doctor. All children need their eyes checked because eye health is linked to many other areas of health.

This very helpful video will help you understand why a yearly eye exam is important and what it’s like to be in a classroom with poor vision:

Don’t wait to get checked

By choosing to include an annual comprehensive eye exam in your child’s wellness routine, you child’s eye problems can be detected at their early stages when they’re most treatable. Don’t wait for someone to notice it, by then your child is likely already facing issues.

Find an Eyecare Professional

To find and eye doctor near you and schedule an exam, visit the Think About Your Eyes eye care professional locator today!

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