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Fun Summer Day Trip Ideas for Kids

Fun Summer Day Trip Ideas for Kids

Fun Summer Day Trip Ideas for Kids

You’ve got just a few short weeks left before school is out and the kids are home bored out of their minds. Whether the kids are in camp or not this year it’s a good idea to have a list of things planned for them to do when they’re home. Day trips are the perfect suggestion in that they can be enjoyed any day of the week, it’s time for fun and bonding with your kids, and you don’t have to take off more time from your job than you can afford.

Not sure where you can take your kids for the day to enjoy their summer break? Here are a few fun ideas and tips:

A Day at the Beach

Summer and beach days go together like peanut butter and jelly. Plan a day for you and the kids to visit the nearest shore. You’ll want to check the weather, admission prices, and look into other costs like gas, tolls, and entertainment while you’re there. Be sure to pack beach toys, water shoes, sunscreen, towels, and delicious lunch and snack for the trip. Depending on when you head to the beach, there may be other activities you can get into while you’re there. For instance, they often have fireworks during the fourth of July and even boardwalk parades you can enjoy.

Amusement Park

Beaches aren’t the only places families like to frequent for the summer. If you’re looking for a fun place to enjoy your children take them to an amusement or water park. You can spend the entire day getting on rides, splashing in the water and of course, enjoying a few meals. It’s best to try and get there as early as you can to reduce wait times.

You’ll also want to pack sunscreen, a spare change of clothes just in case you get wet, and some extra snacks and beverages (amusement park food can be expensive).

Museum or Aquarium

You don’t have to spend your entire summer outdoors – especially on days where the temperatures are really high. Instead, plan a family day trip for indoors. There are plenty of museums and aquariums you and the kids can explore. The cool air conditioners will keep you cool as you learn things about art, history, and sea life. The best part is, you won’t need to pack much for this day trip. If you’d really like to make a day of it while saving some extra cash, try going to places that offer city passes. These are admission passes that allow you affordable access into several local attractions.

State or County Parks

A day at the state or county park during the summer with your kids is everything. Most destinations have a ton of things going on so there’s a lot to get into. You can have a picnic, hike a park trail, play some sports, go fishing, go for a swim, paddle a canoe, and so much more. Whenever you’re doing outdoor activities with kids make sure they have the appropriate gear on. This includes sun protection like sunglasses and hats, along with the proper shoes and clothes to participate in activities like hiking and swimming. By the time you’re done at the park, your entire back seat will be sound asleep.

Summer is the perfect time to get out, have fun, and explore with your kids. Whether you have a tight schedule or a tight budget, day trips allow you to conveniently have a good time with your family without breaking the bank. So, start planning some fun days ahead for memories you won’t soon forget.

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