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25 College Dorm Room Essentials

25 College Dorm Room Essentials


If you’re reading this, you’re either planning to head off to college, or sending your child to college. You may have that thought in mind from Toy Story when Andy gives his toys to the little girl, Bonnie, and tells her to take care of the toys as they are important. There are things you have to pass on when you head off to college. You can’t pack everything and the items you can pack you will need a reliable resource similar to https://www.teacrate.co.uk/ to help you on your way. Of course, you will also need those essential items that keep you going!

So, to help you know what to pack, here are 25 Dorm Room essentials!

25 College Dorm Room Essentials

Essential Dorm Room Packing List

When it comes to packing for life in the dorms, it is important to communicate with your roommate and connect to see who is bringing what. Here are things that only one roommate should bring:

  1. Television – Anything larger than 40’’ is likely too big for the space, and on average a 24’’ tv fits best. If you can swing it, a SMART TV will work well.
  2. Microwave – only room for one so get one that has various options like a grill so that you can eat more than just leftovers! This one actually can cook pizza or a burger!
  3. An electric water kettle is so useful! This can be use for tea, instant coffee, making ramen noodles and more.
  4. A dorm fridge is also pretty important. This one is just the right size and doubles as a dry erase board for leaving notes (like, don’t eat the rest of my burrito!)
  5. It may not happen often, but ironing will need to happen. Be sure to get pick up an iron, a mini one should suffice.

Here are things to keep in mind to help stay organized:

  1. Command Strips/Hooks are perfect for hanging coats, using them for storing gym or swim bags and more. Get a dozen or more to help keep things up off the floor.
  2. A hanging storage caddy is perfect for keeping your head phones, ipod, and notes from cluttering your desk.
  3. Get another caddy that hooks to the bed to keep remotes and phones nearby.
  4. A shower tote or caddy is a must have, especially if you aren’t in a suite and have to lug your bathroom items back and forth. One that is mostly mesh is useful to prevent smells.
  5. And yes, washing clothes is imperative. A popup hamper takes up little space. I recommend two, just in case.
  6. A surge protector is an absolute must have for a college dorm room.
  7. A storage ottoman can be an extra spot to sit and doubles to keep things out of the way.

For comforts, don’t forget these absolute dorm essentials!

  1. Many dorms still have custom bed sizes called Extra Long Twin, so regular twin sheets do not fit. Buy at least two pair of sheets, and find quick dry ones if possible, since sharing a dryer and having enough quarters can be a major college struggle!
  2. Bring a new comforter or duvet and insert, but it is fine to have a favorite blanket from home, too!
  3. A compact chair is also important. Consider a futon or an inflatable chair with ottoman!
  4. Fun throw pillows may not be essential, but they will help liven up the place and make the dorm room seem more like their own personal place. Choose ones with inspirational text, funny pictures, or the university’s school colors.
  5. Oh and dorm rooms, even ones with temperature control never really get it right for everyone in the room. Get a personal fan that can clip to the bed to help keep air circulating at night.
  6. A lap desk is useful for those late nights full of studying and reading.
  7. Since your well-loved hand me down dorm chair likely isn’t comfortable, get a new chair to swap out and have it delivered to the dorm the day after you arrive, or get a chair cushion if that isn’t possible.

Finally, odds and ends that will complete your dorm essentials packing!

  1. You need a first aid kit. Get one pre-stocked to make it easy, after all, mom’s medicine cabinet doesn’t come with the dorm move!
  2. Consider a key-pull alarm for safety reasons. Check the locale to see if you are allowed to carry mace.
  3. A dorm vault secures to the bed will help ensure that you don’t lose your laptop.
  4. Instead of using up precious towels, a mini ironing mat works wonders to help get those wrinkles out before presentation day or intern-interview day!
  5. Keep your feet from getting fungus from the showers with non-slip flip flops.
  6. Of course, new towels are a must-have! Get one in your school’s colors and another few back ups as well, but most of all, try to get quick dry towels, so that you don’t get the musty smell!

Heading off to college and living in the dorms is a big deal! Have a plan for comfort foods and potential Facetime or Skype as well.

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