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Why Men Need a Solid Skincare Routine

Why Men Need a Solid Skincare Routine

Traditionally, men and skincare products have not really been used together in the same sentence. Over the years, guys have often made do with soap and warm water to clean their face in the shower. After all, most ads and commercials for skincare products target women, so men may feel that they don’t really need to use special cleansers, toners and moisturizers.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Skincare is as important for guys as it is for women, and they deserve more than a bar of Irish Spring to keep their faces clean and looking great.

So, without further ado, let’s debunk the myth that skincare routines are for women only and discuss why and how guys can start taking proper care of their skin:

How to Get Started

The first thing guys should do before spending their hard-earned money on skincare products is to identify and understand their skin type. While a man’s skin tends to be thicker than a woman’s, the basic rules of skincare are the same. There are five main skin types: sensitive, dry, oily, combination or normal. Once you know your skin type, you can buy the correct products with the right ingredients—for instance, fragrance-free or mild cleansers for sensitive skin and oil-free moisturizers for skin that tends to be shiny and prone to blemishes.

Skincare 101

Men who already wash their face in the shower are on the right track—it is a good idea for guys to cleanse their faces every day and after a workout. But instead of bar soap, go with a mild facial cleanser and as nice as a hot shower can feel, turn the dial to lukewarm when rinsing the face. Right after getting out of the shower, apply a moisturizer; when skin is still damp it will absorb extra easily. And, just like women, men should wear sunscreen every day when they are going outside including important spots like the back of the neck and tips of the ears.

Extra Products for Specific Needs

A man who has lived through teen acne may feel like he is out of the woods once he reaches adulthood. But as many guys find out firsthand, acne can rear its ugly head in your 30s, 40s and beyond. If this sounds familiar, consider finding an acne treatment designed for adult breakouts. Look for a dermatologist-approved acne face wash that unclogs pores while nourishing skin. There are also treatments that can help visibly soften signs of aging in order to get you that great-looking skin you want.

A Few Words about Beard Care

Facial hair is definitely popular right now, and while guys may lather up their beard and/or mustache in the shower, they also have to pay attention to the skin underneath. As Men’s Health notes, beard dandruff is a very real issue that indicates the skin underneath that gorgeous beard is dry and starting to flake. Guys who have this issue will usually get great results by applying a facial scrub over their beards twice a week and also using a good moisturizer or beard conditioner. Make sure to massage it in well and ensure the entire beard and mustache area is well-covered; in no time those pesky flakes should be gone.

Guys Can Glow Too

Clearly, women are not the only ones who benefit from regular skincare. Men need and deserve to ditch the bar soap and spring for some specific products that will help their skin to look and feel amazing.

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