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6 Smart Money Saving Apps You Will Love

6 Smart Money Saving Apps You Will Love

Here are 6 smart apps you will want to start using now to save money!

Here are 6 money saving apps you will love! 

Who doesn’t want to get the most bang for your buck in any way that you can? There are many smartphone applications out there that can do just that, but below are some super smart money saving apps that you should be using, sometimes even daily! Check them out!

Gas Buddy. Even though it seems that gas prices are dropping across most of the country which of course is a great thing – for now! It is still great to use Gas Buddy to find the lowest price at the pump whether you are in your local area or on the road traveling. It’s so easy and compares many stations within whatever mile radius you need.

Checkout51. This is a fun and simple way to get some extra bucks back after a shopping trip of any kind. Simply upload your checkout receipt to the app and any of the products you just purchased that you got on sale or for any type of discount, you can earn money back. It’s kind of known as a coupon redeeming kind of application, only the opposite by giving you the money back after your purchases.

Ebates. This app has been so popular for all kinds of retail shopping, but it is often forgotten in the mix of so many new apps making their way into the market. You get great cash back simply by shopping at your favorite places that are supported by ebates and the best feature is you just register your email address first and then you can shop right from your home computer or smartphone.

Coupons.com. Another often forgotten amazing app that gets overlooked by all the store apps and barcodes for sales and discounts available these days. My favorite feature is being able to program it to any city or town I am in and get an updated coupon and special deals listing.

Hotel Tonight. You can’t go wrong on getting a great last minute deal on a hotel stay, especially when you are actually traveling that same day to your destination, then using this convenient application. Easy to download and navigate, just enter your desired location and all the last minute deals will be posted as of that day.

Thanx. This newly discovered app that I just put on my smartphone has been a lifesaver, especially during this past holiday season. It keeps a record of your credit card purchases at all of your favorite stores and restaurants and then you get cash back for those locations to use in the future. It’s a nice surprise when you sit down at your favorite burger joint, and you have cash back to use for your bill.

The best way to easily save here and there is to actually use these money saving apps once they are downloaded. Smartphones are great these days and with so many money saving applications to choose from, the rewards are endless. These are just a few of my favorites, so be sure to check them out and start getting saving now.

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  1. Richard Hicks
    03/04/2016 / 7:24 pm

    I will be checking out a few of these apps. Who doesn’tlike to save money!

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