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How To Survive the Spring Allergy Season

How To Survive the Spring Allergy Season

How To Survive the Spring Allergy Season

Spring is in the air. Literally. I love this time of the year, except for a seasonal allergy sufferer like me, it also means battling the sniffles, sneezing, and other bothersome Spring allergy symptoms.

Here are some tips that have worked for me when it comes to surviving the Spring Allergy season:

  • I keep our windows closed and run the air conditioning.
  • Pollen counts are known to be highest in the morning, so I plan outdoor activities for later in the day.
  • I don’t have to mow our lawn, but if you must mow your own lawn, use a mask and protective glasses.
  • Pollen grains get trapped in hair and skin, so I take a shower after I come in from outdoor activities, and especially when I’ve been working in the yard.
  • Allergens such as pollen also tend to stick to fabrics, which means allergens get deposited from your clothes on your furniture, on your pillow, and on the people around you. So I make sure I wash our clothes and bedding as often as possible to rid them of troublesome allergens during the spring season.

How To Survive the Spring Allergy Season

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