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Hair Styles for Curly Hair 3A to 4C

Hair Styles for Curly Hair 3A to 4C

Curly hair requires high maintenance. People with curly hair need to take care of it with a fulfilling hair care routine. Emmy Rossum shares her 28-step beauty routine with Vogue, but it does not look extensive. You have to take extra care of curly hair because of its texture. You should develop an everyday curly hair care routine to elevate your locks.

People with curly hair usually shy away from styling them, but recent trends have shown that naturally, curly hair can look majestic when styled with the right products. Work on the quality of your hair and use breakage and dry hair treatments to mend it. 

Get Bangs

People who have curly hair think it is risky to cut it. The symmetry of your haircut has to be perfect to wear with pride. Many celebrities with curly hair get a shag for a hairstyle. You can also get a shag cut for your curly hair. 

A shag cut is layered and is perfect for all types of hair. You need the help of a professional to get a shag cut. They will add layers to all dimensions of your hair and make it appear styled.

Straight Hair 

If you are bored with styling your curls, you can straighten your curly hair with appropriate products. You must choose a hair straightener with high heat to suit your thick hair. To straight 3c to 4c hair, you must start with a hair dryer that fits curly hair. 

Use a straight brush with your hair dryer to get rid of the texture of your hair. After a heated hair drying session, your hair is ready for styling products; use heat protection creams and styling moose and work it in your hair. 

Section your hair in multiple small sections and straighten them with a hair straightener. Make sure that you secure your straightening job with a hair spray. 

Box Braids

Box Braids are a common way to style curly hair. People with curly hair can section their hair into tiny boxes and make braids. These braids stay longer in the curly hair because of their texture. You can add extensions to your hair to make the box braids look longer. 

Hair extensions come in various varieties, but for box braids, human hair extensions are best for matching the color. The permanent hair extensions come in sets of hair. With the help of a professional, you can install these extensions seamlessly. 

You can choose a different color from your hair to extend the length of your hair if you prefer a contrasting look. 

Embrace the Natural Curls

Naturally, curly hair does not need a professional’s touch to look amazing. Use appropriate hair conditioners and creams to hydrate your curly hair. If you do not like your curly hair, maybe you need a deep conditioning job to enhance the luster in your hair. 

Use oils and natural extracts to make your hair healthy. Try different oils for healthy hair and stick to the one that suits your hair type. Lastly, watch styling tutorials to upgrade your styling techniques. Just part your hair in the opposite direction of its flow and let it shine.

*This is a collaborative post. All views and texts are mine.  

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