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19 Awesome Craft Ideas For Boys

19 Awesome Craft Ideas For Boys

Discover 19 exciting craft ideas for boys that will unleash their creativity and keep them engaged for hours.  Tese hands-on activities are perfect for fostering imagination and skill development. Explore the best craft ideas for boys and watch their artistic talents soar!

Gather your loose items, craft supplies, tools, and anything fun to listen to in the background while you get to work on these totally awesome craft ideas for boys!

These 19 uniquely different craft ideas geared specifically for boys will have your sons and grandsons anxiously awaiting the next craft you plan to do together. Open their minds to fun and inventive ways to get crafty and even repurpose old junk, and let them live life to the fullest by exploring their inner artist.

craft ideas for boys

Craft Ideas for Boys

DIY Recycled Droid Craft

Getting a handle on all the different ways to design your own version of a recycled droid is half the battle! It can be extremely addicting to play around with common household objects such as toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, straws or paper cups for the purpose of designing something awesome like a Star Wars droid! Your only limitations are the depths of your own imagination.

DIY Craft via All for the Boys

3D Shape Snowplow Craft

Do you have a child who is fascinated with snowplows? Here is a simply adorable craft that  incorporates a book about snowplows. Kids can experience all the fun of making a snow plow from scratch and putting all the parts together on paper.  Grab some construction paper, white paint, bubble wrap (yes, I said bubble wrap), crayons, scissors, glue and a dash of cotton and you’ll be revving that snow plow engine (craft) in no time!

Awesome Snowplow Craft via Reading Confetti

Baseball Lacing Craft

Calling all baseball or T-ball fans! Here is a craft your kids can get engaged with even after the craft is done! Try this unique baseball-shaped lacing craft that is simple to make and only requires a few everyday items to do it. Kids will love the interaction and instant reward of getting to “play” with their craft as soon as they’re finished making it.

Craft tutorial via Free Kids Crafts

Dory Hat

Here’s a must do craft for all the Finding Dory movie fans out there! Making hats is just plain fun for boys anyway, but when you see how adorable this hat is going to turn out when you are through making it – you will be ecstatic! It’s easy to make this craft with a hot glue gun, felt, scissors, and a few other everyday items. Sure to please your favorite Dory fan!

Adorable Dory Hat craft via All for the Boys

Clothespin Dinosaur Craft

Dinosaurs are usually on the top of the list for things boys love to play with and learn about. Here is a very IMPRESSIVE craft that I am sure your kids will be dying to make and play with afterwards! Grab your hot glue gun, different shades of felt, some black and white paint, a paint brush, and some scissors and let’s get crafty with a dinosaur roar of a good time!

Craft tutorial via All for the Boys

Star Wars R2D2 Robot Craft

Robot mania is all around us! Kids of all ages seem to enjoy robots, and having this super fun and adorable Star Wars R2D2 robot craft is what you need to get a huge smile on their faces. You’ll only need a few supplies for this project and presto – you’ve got yourself some awesome crafty robot!

Robot craft via Crafty Play Learn 

DIY Paracord Bracelets

Want a cool activity for a rainy/snowy day or to entertain the kids while they are home on a school break? Check out this fantastic DIY tutorial on how to make paracord bracelets! They’re fun, fairly easy to do, and can be extremely addicting when making them to give as gifts to friends or family. Just refer to the easy-to-follow instructions given and soon your kids will have a colorful pair of wrists to complement their outfits.

Craft tutorial via Happiness Is Homemade 

Toilet Roll Ninjas

Most moms love a good craft idea and this one should make you grin from ear to ear! Ninjas! What more can a boy want, right? This particular craft is super fast and easy to make! This puts it in the category of “super duper” when it comes to great crafts to make during birthday parties for boys. You’ll love sitting side by side with your child creating these clever ninja characters out of toilet paper rolls and straws!

Craft tutorial via Kids Activities Blog 

Jumping Minion

The sound of delighted children filled the air in hopes that Jumping Minions soon would be there! If you are ready for loads of laughs and endless fun, take a few minutes to create these clever jumping Minions with your kids! It combines rubber band power with plastic cups, construction paper, marker, scissors, and glue to design these creative Minion cup figures.

Craft tutorial via All for the Boys

Easy Creeper Craft for Kids

Look out Minecraft adventurers – you too, Steve! The Creeper is on the loose, but this time he is larger than life and right in your own home! Kids will adore making their very own Minecraft Creeper out of construction paper squares to give it that pixelated appearance that kids love. Minimal supplies needed to turn an afternoon of boredom into an afternoon of Minecrafting fun! Just grab some construction paper in shades of green and white/cream, glue sticks, and scissors and you are ready to “explode”, oh I mean… roll.

Craft tutorial via Fireflies and Mudpies 

Colorful Pasta Monsters

Tons of fun await you and your little ones as this clever pasta-immersed project packs in lots of creative freedom. It even has a unique color-tinting process that is so simple you’ll be referring to it to use for multiple projects to come! Projects can also be done without the tinting if you prefer. Put your best monster face on and let’s get crafty with this easy to do Pasta Monsters tutorial! Needed items include dry pasta in varied shapes (your choice), glue, googly eyes, possibly dye for tinting the pasta (your preference), and any other extras you wish.

Craft tutorial via Crafts by Amanda

Paper Plate Flying Saucer

I love it when crafts double as usable toys for the kids! This Paper Plate Flying Saucer is perfect for boys to have fun creating on their own, or even for siblings to use as a potential “hand-made gift” to give to their brother! This flying saucer actually flies after it’s done drying! Use it like a frisbee, or just for role playing with your favorite space ranger toys. Easy to create using paper plates, styrofoam cup, acrylic paint, glue, craft jewel accessories, and some newspaper. Give this functional craft a try with your favorite space fan.

Craft tutorial via Crafts by Amanda 

Despicable Me Stuffed Minion Tutorial

If you are a huge Despicable Me fan or love Minions in general, you’re not alone! This fun-loving theme of making a Minion stuffed character is a wonderful gift-giving project for boys to make for their cousins or siblings, or even a gift for their dads! Let kids get creative with the faces, or use the provided tutorial and downloadable pattern. These turn out so cute! Enjoy!

Craft tutorial via We Lived Happily Ever after 

Handmade Gifts for Boys – Football Player

Football fanatics, fans, and enthusiasts – whatever you call yourself, this is the project for you! Have a blast creating an entire team of 12 football players so you can role play and act out the scenes from your favorite football games! These peg dolls make fabulous gifts and are fairly simple to make. Gather some newspaper, two paint brushes (wide/flat and pointy ones), acrylic paints in varying colors to represent the team you wish to make, and a sharpie or woodcraft marker. Makes for an exciting gift for your favorite little football fan.

Craft tutorial via Beatnik Kids

Make Sponge Water Bombs

Oh the things that we do to make our kids happy! Wet and wild fun that is good enough for any kid to get their energy out and enjoy the art of “water wars” with their siblings, cousins and friends. This colorful and fun Sponge Water Bomb project reminds me of the Everlasting Gobstopper candy from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film. Doesn’t it? This project is super fast and simple to put together with only needing a few materials such as sponges in multiple colors, some string and scissors! Try it out and watch the laughs and splashes unfold!

Craft tutorial via The Chic Site

Repurposed Matchbox Cars Into Moving Airplanes

Vroom! Got some old Matchbox cars you’d like to repurpose? Here’s a very impressive arts and crafts project that can be done with a variety of ages from younger to older! Let the kids dabble with the joys of painting the wings to gluing them onto the airplane body after they dry. This project allows kids to show off their individuality in their airplane’s paint job! Each one will be a masterpiece in the making. Best part is these planes can really move, so kids can play with them once they’re dry!

Craft tutorial via MomDot

Monster Felt Finger Puppets

Adorable little finger puppets that look pretty cool once you’re done! Designs and directions for making three different monsters included. Tips on how to create fluff or fur appearance or even a feathered appearance to the monsters is also included. All you need to create these awesome Monster Felt Finger Puppets is some felt in a variety of colors, scissors, embroidery thread, a needle and a small piece of cardboard.

Craft tutorial via Create in the Chaos

Ping Pong Shooters

It’s always great to give the boys a chance to just be boys and play around and have fun. Check out this quick and easy DIY Ping Pong Shooters game where boys (or girls) can have the time of their lives for an afternoon of ping pong shooting fun! Hooray for low cost materials and only a short time needed to create them! This project is sure to please your little ones with game time antics for hours to follow!

Craft tutorial via The Chic Site

Ninja Turtle Valentines – Free Printable

This project is cute and clever in more ways than one! This DIY Ninja Turtle Valentines printable project not only includes a colorful printable for use in the valentine creation, but it also includes wooden pegs that end up as exciting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gifts for your kids! Beautifully done with a nice presentation of the final project, this craft is a great way to help your kids have a Valentine’s Day they will never forget! Minimal materials required and fairly quick to make, this project gets an A+ for potentially winning the hearts of boys everywhere!

Craft tutorial via The Kiwi in the Clouds

So there… 19 totally cool craft ideas for boys they won’t resist! What are you waiting for?

Mark off some time on your calendar now and plan ahead for some fantastic memory-making moments with your favorite kiddo and best buddy. You’ll have loads of fun and end up with some creative, and functional gifts, toys, and games your son or grandson can enjoy for days to come.

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