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An Afternoon Lab Experiment with Wisk Stain Spectrum Technology Laundry Detergent: Fighting Protein Stains

An Afternoon Lab Experiment with Wisk Stain Spectrum Technology Laundry Detergent: Fighting Protein Stains

As part of my involvement with the Wisk Laundry Detergent project, I was given the task of experiencing first-hand how the new Wisk Stain Spectrum™ Technology works to fight protein stains on clothing.

Dubbing myself scientist for the afternoon and enlisting my five year old Gabriel to be my willing assistant, we tackled this “exciting little Science project” (had to use this phrase to get him excited about it- which by the way, worked really well!) yesterday afternoon. Plus, he was really thrilled about wearing his lab coat and goggles! 🙂

Unfortunately, our house didn’t come with a Science lab when we bought it, so we settled our small play/work table on our lovely patio- which was a perfect place for our Saturday afternoon (Science) project. 🙂

So anyway… first, let’s talk about protein stains.

Protein stains come in many forms, such as eggs, baby formula, spinach and the one moms are all most familiar with that show up on the knee of our kids’ favorite pants- grass stains!


For this project, we were provided the following tools: protein-stained swatch (the green square cloth in the photos), plastic beaker, lab coat, dropping pipette, goggles and a red-hot bottle of Wisk® Laundry Detergent! This isn’t a serious experiment, so we won’t be needing to use a serological pipette; that’s too professional for us! We will just be using children’s science equipment.

To show you all how the Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology worked in fighting the protein stains, I had Gabriel write his initials on the protein-stain swatch with the help of the dropping pipette, as shown in this photo:

Well, you’re all supposed to read the initials: GD here, but it ended up looking like a messy doodle. 🙂

So.. we waited for a few seconds to allow Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology to work before our very eyes.

Then, we placed the swatch in the plastic beaker filled with warm water and swished it around a little bit.


When Gabriel and I took out the soaked protein-stained swatch from the warm water-filled beaker, I was impressed! Wow. Remember the initial doodles Gabriel wrote on the protein-stained swatch using Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology? The protein stains on those sections of the swatch completely disappeared! Vanished. No more.

As you can see in this last photo, the water turned green which shows that the protein stains were completely eliminated from the swatch. Amazing!


After performing this experiment, the new Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology completely changed the way I look at clothing stains forever! This stuff is really powerful in eliminating stains. Personally, I think Wisk has really got it down to a science when it comes to fighting all kinds of stains. Now, those pesky “ring around the collar” stains are even easier to eliminate, which before- was a real challenge for me. No more grass stains on my kids’ favorite pants either! Plus, with a price tag that’s so affordable ($5.99 for 50 fl oz. Wisk bottles that cleans 32 loads), I just can’t go wrong with it!

About the Wisk Laundry Detergent brand:


As the first liquid laundry detergent to market in 1956, Wisk® has been cleaning America’s laundry for the past 50 years. The new Wisk® with Stain Spectrum™ Technology is engineered to target the major stain groups: carbohydrates, proteins and oils. To learn more about Wisk’s Stain Spectrum™ Technology and the different categories of stains or to download a coupon, visit www.Wisk.com. You can also find Wisk on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

*Hip Mama’s Place Disclosure: “I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by One2One Network on behalf of Wisk. I received monetary compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.”


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