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Help Your Kids Achieve A Balanced Digestive Health with Align Jr. Probiotics

Help Your Kids Achieve A Balanced Digestive Health with Align Jr. Probiotics


This post was sponsored by Align as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

As parents, we do the best we can to take care of our families. We make sure we serve our kids healthy and balanced diets as much as possible, keep them healthy and active and help them get a good amount of sleep every night… among other things.

One thing that I’m guilty of not giving so much thought on is our digestive health. So I have been educating myself with new ways to help myself and my children achieve good digestive health. Knowing what I know now about the importance of achieving a balanced digestive heath, I’ve started taking steps like cutting out on carbs and sugar and lessening our consumption of dairy products.

For my kids, I’ve also recently introduced them to Align Jr. probiotic supplement chewables.

But before I talk more about this product, do you know that things like stress, diet and changes in routine can disrupt your kids’ natural balance of good bacteria? We all know that probiotics are good bacteria that provide a health benefit and are essential for many vital body functions, including healthy digestion. So to help my kids fortify healthy digestive systems, I choose a daily probiotic supplement for them like Align Jr. which can help support their digestive health.* ?

Help your kids achieve a balanced digestive health with Align Jr. probiotics chewables!

Align Jr. by Align is the #1 Doctor and Gastroenterologist recommended probiotic brandand now comes in delicious chewables for kids (ages 6-12). And believe it or not, my kids love these probiotic chewables! To me, that’s a huge bonus!

We are loving Align Jr. to help my children achieve harmonious digestive health even when they sometimes get stressed with too much school homework (a thing that my middle school grader has complained a lot about lately) or ate too many unhealthy snacks… so they grow happier, healthier and stronger!

I also really like the way Align Jr. probiotics are packaged in easy-open blister packs that are designed for kids not to have easy access to, but are easy enough for adults!

Want to try Align Jr. probiotics for your kids? You can go here for more details.

Right now, they are also offering a $5 off ONE Align® Jr. Chewables product coupon!

? Among gastroenterologists and doctors who recommended a brand of probiotic in an AlphaImpactRx 2016 Survey.

Align partnered with bloggers, such as me, to get the word out about its great product benefits. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Align believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Align’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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