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23 Haunting Treats for Halloween

23 Haunting Treats for Halloween


Oh, Halloween… how I love you so! The costumes, the decor and oh my!  Let’s not forget the spooky and delicious treats that you can cook up. Yes! I do think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays when it comes to after dinner treats.

Here are 23 that I plan to try real soon! Now, be prepared to get spooked! 🙂

23 Haunting Treats for Halloween

Green Monster Rice Krispie Treats  When it comes to treats, rice krispie treats are always a favorite! Why not make it monster inspired like these ones at Fork and Beans!

Chocolate Chocolate Halloween Cookies  Dark, chewy, moist and super chocolatey cookies perfect for any Halloween get together… need I say more? 

Blood Splatter Cookies are a fun and just at the cusp of “scary” without going overboard. These are cute and delicious!

Pumpkin Hand Pies are absolutely wonderful, and being pumpkin-everything-season, these are perfect way to sneak in more pumpkin. These can transition all the way through Thanksgiving!

Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse can be a way to use up that extra candy corn, without actually requiring anyone to eat them. Use them as decor, or cover the tops of the mousse with them – the choice is yours.

Witch Hat Cupcakes by Tastes Better from Scratch is a fun potluck idea, or just something to have for an afterschool snack if you have a few extra kids (or adults) on the way.

Dirty Cotton Buds are teetering on disgusting – I mean, how dirty can your ears be?! But, luckily they are made from mostly marshmallow and peanut butter (substitute sunflower seed butter if necessary) so they are safe to eat. Maybe.

Simple Vanilla Cupcakes are a great way to take a regular “plain vanilla” recipe and just use a little decoration to make them perfect for Halloween.

Nutter Butter Ghosts are easy to do and only semi-homemade so you can get them ready quickly and still have a potentially pinterest-worthy dish to showcase at a Halloween event.

Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip is a tasty way to bring Halloween home. This can be for a Friday night party with just the family or used as a dish to pass.

Chocolate Pumpkin Monster Truffles are simple chocolate truffles covered with a perfect “cover” as fur and candy eyes that are bound to delight!

Frankenstein Suckers help you step away from the chocolate and move toward the sweet, while still bringing in the Halloween spirit.

Monster Munch  These look like you’ve spent too much time in the kitchen making them– but actually are super easy to make and so fun to eat!

Chocolate Bat Cookies want treats that don’t require extra sugar? Why not?! Let’s not forget these are also grain-free! Even if you aren’t subscribing to that specific diet, these are a great add-on if you’re having people over for a Halloween gathering!

Monster Bark is one of my favorites and this recipe keeps all the bright “monster” colors so they’re almost one of the first that the kids grab, so, if you want some for yourself, keep a second batch aside before the kids get home from school.

Zombie Gummy Bears are another bright and colorful treat. These luckily are actually on the healthier side and you make them at home so you know exactly what’s in them!

Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies are so cute! I can see these being an after school snack OR even something for the class party! Just, be aware of any allergies, of course!

Halloween Yogurt Bark is for those looking for lots of taste without the added processed sugars. Using fresh fruits and berry, you can find the balance between fun and healthy.

Nutter Butter Tombstones takes a favorite and makes it goulish for Halloween, while not making you spend all day in the kitchen. That’s a win in my book!

Swampy Frog Egg Pudding is totally gross, but oh so tasty! Great for the kids who are daring, and a nice potential “center piece” dessert too!

Goldfish Monster Mix is one of those pop culture food crazes I love. Goldfish are a mom staple now – from soup to snack, and everything in between, Goldfish does it. And now, they’re even fun for Halloween!

Sugar Cookie Monsters are customizabe – just use the food colors you have (you can even dabble in natural food dyes if you want!) and some candy eyes and you’ve got instant monster cookies!

Spider Sandwich Cookies are so super cute! They use some classics (chocolate chip cookies) and then have you “make” the legs and filling to create a fun and delightful semi-spooky cookie!

Now that you have plenty of ideas for Halloween treats, what are you going to move forward with? Yes, they’re all great, but we know that time is limited so you can’t do them all!

Happy Halloween!

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