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Exploring NYC Through Its Food: A Guide to Culinary Adventures

Exploring NYC Through Its Food: A Guide to Culinary Adventures

New York City is a haven for foodies. You can literally travel 1 mile in any direction to find a new and unique culinary experience in every corner of the city, and there’s no shortage of places to try. Choosing where to start your culinary experience is one thing, how to get the most out of it is another.

We’ve compiled a few ways that we think are sure to spike up your tastebuds and give you the most out of your New York food journey, from popular dishes and some hidden gems to cooking classes (Because c’mon, who doesn’t love to experience the kitchen you simply don’t have time to be in sometimes). Want to get immersed in the culinary capital? Check out all the fantastic cooking classes NYC has to offer.

Iconic Foods and Where to Find Them

No visit to New York City would be complete without the foods that it is famous for. In this city, you MUST taste a New York Bagel – lox & cream cheese from Ess-a-Bagel (Midtown). You also have to try New York Slice pizza – go to Di Fara Pizza (Brooklyn) for the thin, crispy crust with hot melted toppings.

You cannot leave this city without trying a New York Cheesecake – stop by Junior’s (Brooklyn) to sample their super creamy, famous cake.

Culinary Neighborhoods to Explore

Every neighborhood in New York has its own culture and vibe and that goes for food too. In lower Manhattan, you can have brunch or sip lattes in cute cafes. Then, walk toward Chinatown to have dim sum at Nom Wah Tea Parlor which has been making the best dumplings since 1920. Just further north and you’re in Little Italy where Ferrara Bakery & Cafe makes the best pasta and cannoli.

Cooking Classes: A Hands-On Experience

If you’ve always wanted to better understand the NYC food landscape, we recommend a cooking class. Cooking classes provide a tactile way to build knowledge around the many cuisines that drive a city while also improving overall cooking ability. Consider them to be a part of your culinary education. Best part? Cooking classes in NYC are suitable for all skill levels and can range from a simple sushi class to an in-depth course on homemade pasta.

Benefits of Cooking Classes for Tourists

Taking a New York City cooking class during your vacation is an opportunity to learn more about the food culture in New York City, take home a piece of the city with you from what you learn, explore new recipes — discover skills and techniques for cooking. You can also make some new friends along the way. No better way to meet others than to be elbow in elbow in the kitchen learning how to cook the best food in New York City.

Unique Food Experiences

NYC is also a host to a lot of unique food places where you have to advent a little out of your comfort zone of what dining in a restaurant is supposed to be. Read on to know where you can explore some epic culinary experiences:

Food Tours: Explore different parts of the city and hear stories of historical significance linked to the food industry as you go on a food tour. Foods of NY and Secret Food Tours are renowned for their food culture and closely check its taste on these tours.

Street Food: You have to try street food (although given that it’s clean), especially the lovely food trucks and food carts that are spread across the city. The Halal Guys and Wafels & Dinges both have their cult following and even the lack of seating space is not going to stop patrons from getting the taste of this superb on-the-go food.

Jumping head first into the NYC foodie paradise is…A WILD RIDE, my friend. You never really know what’s coming next. There’s food — that’s a given. All the famous bites, and the world’s best food type statements. If you want to roll up your sleeves and get into this tasty action you have to take a NYC Food Class. I know, “It’s just a food class” you might say… but listen up, these NYC food classes are like a tasty behind-the-scenes tour of the city when it comes to having fun and trying new things.

*This is a collaborative post. All views and texts are my own. 

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