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6 Home Improvement Tips to Prepare for Spring

6 Home Improvement Tips to Prepare for Spring

After a long, dark, scary winter, the sun is finally peeking out from behind the clouds, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Between the fresh air and the warm sun, it’s tempting as a homeowner to sit outside in the hammock and just soak up some rays.

However, the spring sun also brings attention to the debris clogged rain gutters, dead plants, and other home improvement and repair issues that have cropped up over the long, frigid winter season. Those issues could keep you from participating in the fun spring activities you had planned. It’s okay, you can tackle them quickly.

  1. Pull Out Your Lawn Equipment

When the spring rains start to fall, the grass and weeds start to make an appearance. Now’s the time to pull out that lawn equipment that you stored over the winter months. Inspect your lawnmower, weed eater, and any other equipment you’ll need to keep your lawn tidy and looking nice over the summer season.

  1. Examine the Roof

Spring is the perfect time to examine the shingles on your roof to see if any were damaged during the winter. Also, if your home has a roof that is past its prime, you should consider budgeting to have it replaced or repair that leak during the spring before the summer storms hit.

If you need help with financing your roof replacement and live in Texas where summer storms are brutal, then check into one of the sites that offer loans in Lubbock, TX to get the money you need. If you are up north, in Buffalo, NY the snow should be melted by then and you can have someone get the job done then.

  1. Check Your Rain Gutters

When checking off the items on your spring maintenance list, don’t forget to check your rain gutters. It’s a good idea to have the professionals do this for you, so they can check for loose, leaky gutters, or improper drainage. You might also want to consider installing gutter barriers and screens to keep debris, leaves, and other items from collecting in your gutters.

  1. Check the Attic

After a long hard winter, you could have birds nesting in your attic, as well as rodents that made their way in during the winter freeze. You need to look for obstructions in the attic, places where sunlight could be seeping through because of damage, cracks, or wear and tear as well.

Spring is the perfect time to make arrangements to insulate your attic also, as it’s not too hot or too cold for the company putting in the insulation during the spring and fall of the year, in most areas.

  1. Check Your Outside Faucets

Once the snow starts to melt, and the spring flowers are in bloom, you need to check your outside faucets for cracks and damage from the freeze. It’s also a good idea to check your pipes as well, just to make sure that none were damaged during the frigid cold season. Make sure you check your garden hoses for signs of rot also, if you didn’t store them for the winter.

  1. Repair Window Screens

When the spring begins, you’re going to want to open your windows to the gentle breezes from outside. Make sure that you check and repair all your window screens before you do, as you don’t want pests getting in through your open windows through tears and cracks.

These are just a few of the home improvements you need to make in the spring of the year. After your spring checklist is completed, you’ll be able to lay up in that hammock and enjoy the weather without feeling guilty.

This is a collaborative post. All views and text are mine. 

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