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10 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Relaxing

10 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Relaxing


The average cubicle dweller has little control over their office environment. Apart from bringing in a few plants and hanging some family photographs on their cubicle walls, their ability to personalize their workspaces is severely limited.

The same is not true of those who work from home, and the ability to create a productive and highly personal workspace is one of the major perks of life as a telecommuter or solo entrepreneur. But at home workers also have the chance to make their office environments places they want to be, and that starts with making the spaces they inhabit more relaxing.

Here are 10 great ways to make your home office a fun and relaxing place to be.

  1. Choose the right location. If relaxation is your goal, setting up your home office on the side of the house facing the road or choosing the room next to where the kids watch TV may not be the best idea. Make a list of possible home office locations and make your choice accordingly.
  2. Light things up. Natural light is great for your vitamin D levels – and your mental health. Opening the curtains and installing screens for better airflow lets you enjoy the beauty of nature even when you cannot go outside.
  3. Add a small piece of exercise equipment. When you are feeling stressed, moving more can help you relax, so think about adding a small piece of exercise equipment to your home office. Something as simple as a set of resistance bands on the office door or a mini exercise cycle under the desk can make a big difference.
  4. Bring in some plants. Green plants are naturally relaxing, and a great source of indoor oxygen to boot. Even if you do not have a green thumb, you should be able to find hardy plants that can withstand the harsh home office environment.
  5. Build in attractive storage solutions. Clutter is bad for productivity, and a bane to your relaxation, so clear it away with functional and attractive storage solutions.
  6. Get some desktop toys – Now that you are working at home, you can outfit your desk with all manner of fun office toys, so grab a catalog and go crazy.
  7. Add some aromatherapy. Certain scents can put you in a better mood and make relaxing easier, so consider aromatherapy for your home office. You can experiment with different scents and various diffusers until you find the perfect combination.
  8. Consider soundproofing options. Nothing will break your concentration quite as fast as a couple of screaming kids or a loud TV. If you are having trouble relaxing and staying productive, consider soundproofing options for your home office.
  9. Keep it clean – with a robotic vacuum cleaner. The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is clean, so consider buying a robotic vacuum cleaner and turning it loose after hours. Think how much more relaxed you will be when you arrive to a freshly cleaned home office.
  10. Get out of the office. No matter how relaxing you make your space, being cooped up for hours on end is sure to be stressful. If you really want to relax, take regular breaks to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Working from home can be wonderful, but staying productive and relaxed is a tall order. If you want your work at home experience to be fun as well as profitable, the 10 design tips listed above can get you started.

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  1. Monica Simpson
    09/02/2021 / 3:05 am

    I love the idea of adding in a small piece of exercies equipment. It’s so good to get up and move!

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