10 Creative Ways To Organize Your Home + Win A $50 VISA Gift Card for Sharing Your Thoughts!

Spring is here and I’m seriously not anywhere close to being done with my Spring cleaning and organizing. We’ve moved into our new love nest about six weeks ago and I’ve just been getting rid of a lot of junk from our previous house. It’s really amazing how much you don’t realize you have until you move and get organized. Sounds like a cliché .. but that hit home for me!

So this week, I’ve decided to tackle the bedroom and bathroom drawers, my personal jewelry and my home studio for my Etsy shop.  I know it will take months to get our house to look all put together and decorated.  But take one project at a time, right? So, my personal mantra for the next few months is “organize your space”.  So I’ve put a list of ten creative ways to organize spaces and things in your home. Let’s get inspired! :)

1.  I love this idea of a DIY bath compote to organize small bottles and grooming tools in the bathroom. Click here for details. 

2. Keep your bags and purses in your closet looking neat and tidy using shelf organizers. Arrange larger bags side by side and stack flat clutches on top of one another. Details here

3.  Out of sight, out of mind. That rings true for me with my jewelry. I got to see them so I can wear them! Want a beautiful jewelry organizer using frames like these? Simply decorate picture frames with beautiful fabric or scrapbook paper from the craft store and hang your necklaces and earrings on them. See the how to’s here.

4.  Clever idea for shoe storage: keep your shoes in a box each labeled with a photo tag of that particular shoes you’re storing like this one. Easiest way to find the pair of shoes you want to wear for the day! You can find inexpensive cardboard boxes or plastic boxes at craft stores and at mass stores like Target and Walmart. 

5. Create a craft closet unit for yourself with a wire shelf that hangs over the closet door to neatly store your craft, sewing and gift-wrapping supplies. I could really use this one in my craft room!

6. Need a more organized home office space? How about a DIY Bulletin board to display photos, mementos and invites. It’s a lovely way to keep track of your daily to do list too! Click here for the simple how to’s.

7. Use photo protectors to keep recipe cards organized in a three-ring file like this.  I know I’ve been wanting to do this for my recipe cards for months. Next stop is the office supply store for me! :)

8. Find your medicines, vitamins and first aid kits in your medicine cabinet by keeping them in labeled small trays. This one even doubles as a cookbook cabinet too! 

9. Organize your kids’ art supplies, coloring books and puzzles using plastic trays of varying sizes. The art closet shelf will look so neat such as this one! Details here.

10.  If you have enough space in your laundry room, create a “laundry wall” with adjustable wire shelving to house wooden boxes for your laundry supplies. Then add a tension rod in front of it to hang clothes right when you take them out of the dryer. It might even save you some ironing this way! 

I hope I inspired you to get organized in your home. Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas to organize any space in your home!


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  About the Author: Jocelyn Cañasa-Brown is a working mom of two boys and is a recognized blogger and mom influencer in the Washington, DC area. In her spare time, she designs and creates her own handmade jewelry, maintains her jewelry store on Etsy and is an active moms group organizer and leader both online and offline. Hip Mama’s Place was nominated for Parents 2011 Best All-Around Mom Blog and named one of the Highest Rated Blogs and Sites on Nickelodeon ParentsConnect for the Washington, DC area. Follow Jocelyn on  Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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About Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn Brown is the founder and managing editor of Hip Mama's Place. Her goal is to make Hip Mama's Place a fantastic, go-to site where moms and dads feel empowered, inspired and encouraged. Jocelyn is also a wife, mom to three boys, jewelry designer, business owner and an active moms group organizer and leader both online and offline. Follow her daily updates and the latest happenings at Hip Mama's Place via her social network pages below.


  1. says

    I would like to organize my tiny bedroom closet. Everything is cramped, can’t get much more in it, but I know with better organization, it will look better.
    Follow on FB as Lisa Brown
    email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  2. says

    we used clear shoe boxes to organize all the food packets when we redid our pantry, and used refillable plastic containers for all the baking items pasta-makes it easier to see if you are low or out of a staple!

  3. says

    I use those pocket organizers yoiu can hang from a door or wherever to put our daughter’s art supplies in. It keeps her stickers, markers, glitter glue and other things in her little crafting stockpile all together and easily found.

  4. says

    I would love my bedroom to be organized. I have everything in boxes so its not cluttered but where i havent isnt very strategic. I have to get up to get something from my desk such as mirror where i would love for everything i use to be in arms reach. Im not very good at decorating.

    Amanda Sakovitz on facebook

    Amanda Sakovitz

    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  5. says

    I would like to organize our computer room because we keep a lot of important paperwork there and right now it is too cluttered. We need to create a work space in which we can concentrate and find what we need.

  6. says

    I’d love to organize my little girl’s room this spring, as in July she’ll have a roommate moving in when we have our second child. Thanks so much for the giveaway. Commented on your FB as April Ward de Abarca . email: fairyjuliet at hotmail dot com

  7. says

    I need to be more organized with our closets and cabinets/drawers. I have a tendency to just pile things in there and close the doors.

  8. says

    I tend to throw things out when organizing. I really want to get my 2 youngest daughters closet organized ASAP. With summer coming, it’s so cramped there is no room for new clothes :(

  9. says

    Ive started to organize the diaper changing room by putting my diapers and accessories in a dresser. its worked very nicely so far but I still have so much more I need to organize in that room..
    skhayes15 at yahoo dot com

  10. says

    Love these ideas! I really need to organize my kitchen better. We have so many spices they are mixed everywhere lol

    mellanhead74 at hotmail.com

  11. says

    I really would like to get my WHOLE house more organized, but especially my kitchen. We have limited cabinets is its hard not to keep it messy.

    Tracyparral @ yahoo .com

  12. says

    I’d like to organize my garage so that I can actually make space to park a car!

    Thanks for the chance!

    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy
    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  13. says

    I want to organize my kitchen because its the messiest part of my house. hopefully I will get around to it soon!


  14. says

    I need to organize my bedroom. There are pieces in there from other rooms, (file cabinet, etc), so that there is really no decent way to to keep my personal belongings organized. I need A SYSTEM! scain54 at aol dot com

  15. says

    I would love to organize my bedroom, which has a desk that takes up the room in front of my closet and my daughter’s mini couch and her table and some toys. Would love to make it more organized.

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  16. says

    I would like to find a way to organize items on my lower shelves and cabinets that is easier on my back. My arthritis makes it hard for me to bend, kneel, or squat and pick items up in front of me without either hurting my lower back, or my upper back and neck. I’ve even thrown my back out ripping a piece of paper towel off the wall in a public restroom! Cleaning, cooking and many other things would be easier if I could remedy some of this, and I wouldn’t have to have so many things out on the counter in the kitchen and bathroom.

  17. says

    Instead of using dressers that take up tons of space, I put shelves in my boys closets to put all their clothes in. It was wasted space that we never used and now they have more floor space and their clothes are out of sight!

    homesickforheaven2 @ yahoo . com

  18. says

    My laundry room needs help…it is like. Storage room instead of an efficient laundry room. I am going to try and use your idea!

  19. says

    I would like to organize my laundry room this Spring. Doing laundry is my least favorite chore these days and it would make it easier if I it more organized.
    k.g.rogers72 at gmail dot com

  20. says

    I organized my daughter’s bedroom by getting a blue and white plastic drawer set and placing all her stray toys into it. Her room has never been more neat and tidy! (lilbittypanda at aol dot com)

  21. says

    I would love to organize our pantry. We take time to put everything in place and within a couple days it is back to the normal style, messy:) Thanks so much for this giveaway!!


  22. says

    This spring I really need to get started organizing a bedroom in my house, because I want to turn it into a craft room! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Rachael Henzman

  23. says

    I love using the over the door pocket holders in my kitchen. I have one on my pantry door and put seasoning packets, mixes, and whatever else fits! I really need to organize my bedroom closet. We don’t even use it except for storage because there is no place to hang anything, or any shelves. It’s a really good size and with some wonderful organizing it would help clean up the mess in our bedroom, where we keep things piled up that belong in the closet!! Ugghhh! It’s driving me crazy! Lori Williams

  24. says

    My kids bed room needs to be organized! I have a 2 and 5 year old and they have no specific place to put their toys so stuff is everywhere! I hate walking into their room. I would love to get it organized :)

  25. says


    Congrats to Brooke Adametz who said…

    I really need to organize my laundry room this spring. We don’t have a basement, so it has sort of become the catch all room!

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