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Simple Ways to Spruce Up the Outside of Your Home This Summer

Simple Ways to Spruce Up the Outside of Your Home This Summer

Simple Ways to Spruce Up the Outside of Your Home This Summer

When summertime finally rolls around, we tend to want to spend some more time outdoors. Whether that time is spent weeding your garden, cooking food on the grill, playing catch, or something else, your yard will be the place where it all goes down. Although, spending time outside weeding can be more exhausting than fun. If you’d rather spend your time enjoying the summer sun, you could consider contacting a lawn care service. Getting professionals to ensure your garden looks well maintained, could save you time gardening and allow you more opportunity for fun activities. Having a beautiful outside to your home can help to make these outside experiences even better. Here are some very simple things you can do to spruce up the exterior of your home.

Bring a Splash of Color with Flowers

Wildflowers are naturally resilient to changes in the environment, making them very low maintenance. This is perfect for most homeowners who can’t commit a large amount of time to care for their outdoor landscape. By using a wildflower seed mix like the kind sold here, you can bring a splash of color to your outdoors without overhauling your green space. We suggest picking some designated locations to assist in spreading the flowery colors throughout your entire exterior home landscape.

Get Ambient Lighting

One way to majorly upgrade the exterior of your home is to install ambient lighting, Other than the initial benefit of being able to clearly see in the dark, outside lighting can make your home look warm and cozy. Spotlights on the exterior of the home tend to be the most popular to bring life to the home, however, using other alternatives like string lights can allow for a stylish upgrade. Many people opt for the classic look of an antique-style lamppost to bring an element of elegance to their outdoor space.

Give Your Front Door a New Coat of Paint

A very simple way to drastically change the exterior look of your home is to paint your front door another color. Red is by far one of the more popular colors, but others are close behind. You should opt for picking a bold design that allows visitors to easily see where to enter your home. However, do your due diligence and ensure that the bold color you pick flows along with the existing colors of your home. Most exterior paints can be purchased for about 30 bucks a gallon. This means that your door can be repainted for very cheap and with little time investment on your part.

Install a New Mailbox

You may be thinking, how is this going to really change the look of my home? The truth is that you will be amazed at how much the exterior of your home can change with this one simple item. Your mailbox is what people see when driving past your home. When visitors come, they are looking for your address. Your mailbox is where they’re going to likely find it. If your existing mailbox is plain, spruce it up a little. Consider investing in a metal stand that can help to make your mailbox look more modern. We suggest paying close attention to the mailboxes that your neighbors have and try to mimic the one that you’re most impressed by.

Get Some Outdoor Furniture

When you’re spending time outdoors, you’ll want to get some furniture so you can enjoy a seat from time to time. Whether you have a front porch, side porch, back porch, or no porch, you can drastically benefit from getting outdoor furniture. This furniture helps to make your home look more inviting to viewers and more functional for your outdoor needs. Consider chairs and tables a necessary must. Be sure to get enough so that friends and family will have a place to sit outdoors when they come over to your home to visit. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this; cheap outdoor furniture, which you can find online, can look just as good as other, more expensive furniture on the market.

Sprucing up the outside of your home doesn’t have to take months and doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, the above are some very simple investments you can make to easily enhance the exterior look of your home. We’re sure that once you implement a few of these ideas you’ll be thinking of more and more ways to spruce up the outside of your home.

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