Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tackle Lawn Care Maintenance with Husqvarna + Win a 3- Piece Husqvarna Garden Kit Worth $50!

As I've mentioned before, we just bought a house two months ago and we've just been organizing and cleaning since we moved in. This house sits in over an acre of land with a lot flowering plants, bushes and trees. We've hired our previous lawn maintenance company to do most of the mowing, but my husband and I still has to do a lot of the cleaning/trimming bushes, getting rid of old, dead plants and maintaining the yard in general by ourselves.

Speaking of lawn care, Husqvarna has these valuable tips to help you tackle lawn care maintenance ...  just in time for Spring cleaning season! These are great tips if you mow your own yard! :)
  1. Tune-Up Time. Your equipment needs to be ready when you are, and spring is a perfect time to make sure everything checks out. Visit a qualified servicing dealer to tune-up your mower, trimmer or leaf blower and spot potential problems. 
  2.  Get Equipped. It’s important to have the right tools for the task at hand. Husqvarna’s HU800AWD, a new walk-behind mower with unique All-Wheel Drive technology, is engineered for uneven terrain and even the toughest mowing conditions.
  3.  Easy on the Gas. Only buy enough to last 30 days, and keep it in an airtight container.  Otherwise, exposure to air – and moisture – can damage or limit the effectiveness of the engine. 
  4.   Get Movin! Did you know walking behind your push mower can burn up to 360 calories per hour? Getting out in your yard is one of the easiest ways to feel good and get fit.
* About the Husqvarna HU800AWD

The new Husqvarna HU800AWD features unique All-Wheel Drive technology. Designed for uneven terrain and the toughest mowing conditions, the sleek yet rugged HU800AWD features a heavy-duty steel deck and a powerful Honda® GCV 190 engine. Complementing its All-Wheel Drive feature, the HU800AWD has wheels with an aggressive tread pattern, which provides additional traction and maneuverability.

Like the complete line of Husqvarna walk mowers, the All-Wheel Drive mower features:

  • 3-year warranty
  • Side guard and grass comb, to improve edging performance
  • Large, dust-blocking bag
  • Premium, comfort-grip control bail to reduce operator fatigue
  • Variable drive speed
  • Water hose connector for easy deck cleaning
The Husqvarna All-Wheel Drive walk mower is available exclusively at Lowe’s and authorized Husqvarna dealers nationwide for USD $499.95. To learn more, join the conversation by “liking” Husqvarna on Facebook ( and by following Husqvarna on Twitter (  


Husqvarna is also offering one lucky Hip Mama's Place reader a chance to win one of these 3 piece Husqvarna Garden Kit to help you tackle your gardening with ease! Prize value: $50. 


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4.  Leave a comment on this post telling me what you have done for Spring cleaning in your own household or what you'd like to tackle for Spring cleaning In your comment, YOU MUST also include your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest user names to verify your participation and your email address to contact you if you win. 

This contest is open to U.S. addresses only and ends on May 22, 2013 at 12MN, ESTOne (1) winner will be picked at random using at the end of the contest. Good luck! 

*Hip Mama's Place Disclosure:  "This is a sponsored post by Husqvarna. I did not receive the products featured on this post for my review. The giveaways prize is provided for by the sponsor".

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alena said...

i started my spring cleaning by cleaning all clossets and planting flowers in our garden
alena svetelska

Lisa Ehrman said...

I started spring cleaning, but I need to clean all the ceiling fans. Liked on facebook: Lisa Ehrman
Twitter followed: AnnEhrman

shirley said...

Have started cleaning out closets and some yard work.
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Shantelle Stately said...

We're actually moving this summer so the whole house is getting deep cleaned and everything packed. Could definitely use this for the yard work that needs to be done.

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kellyr78 said...

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I have gone through the closets and set aside items for donation. I would next like to go through the basement and find more items to donate.


Monique Eckert said...

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I have the closets cleaned out and hubs has started the garden! We just bought the Husquvara mower last week, these tool would make a great Fathers Day present for him!

Marti B. said...

I have begun moving all my kids bedrooms around and decluttering as I go!

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Angela Anzhelika Yeremenko said...

I have been cleaning out the closets and getting rid of clothes and toys to donate.

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clenna said...

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We have started raking and mowing. But I want to clean the house - dust, vacuum, clean windows etc.

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Christine Jessamine said...

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I have not done spring cleaning yet, but will be doing it with alot of boxes for organization

Elizabeth Gentry said...

I am certainly not an avid spring cleaner. I try to keep things neat and uncluttered all year, but we did clean out the gutters..
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email /

Beef McBig said...

I can't do much because I just got injured, but I did move all the winter clothes to the closet to get them out of the way.
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Ellen said...
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Ellen said...
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Ellen said...
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Heather S. said...

I cleaned out my kids winter clothes.

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Jennifer Blanton said...

We clean out our basement and go through all of our winter clothes to put up our summer clothes

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Sadie said...

I have washed windows and carpets.

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Ellen said...

Cleaning all my windows
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Anne D. said...

I've cleaned windows and blinds and weeded the yard:)
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I have started boxing up winter items.
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BethElderton said...

We have recently moved into a new (older) home and have remodeled the kitchen. Because of the remodeling, i have not completely unpacked yet. My Spring Cleaning will be unpacking in our new home :)
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com
FB name: Mary Beth Elderton
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Stephanie Phelps said...

I have opened all the windows cleaned the window seals and windows and took my rugs out and cleaned them! Thats all I have accomplished so far! :)
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Mary said...

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Pam Halligan said...

I powerwashed my home, including my front and back deck - my least favorite spring cleaning task.

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Twitter - @H3artonD1r3
Pinterest - pam2424

Mary said...

I follow you on Pinterest
Mary Avlos-Dailey

Mary said...

I start with opening the windows and doors to air things out and then start with the cobwebs in heard to reach places, behind beds and furniture that I rarely move.

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Kathy said...

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Kathy said...

Spring cleaning should be called closet cleaning in my house. Especially by the kids :)

Becca said...

Raked up all the branches from a willow tree in the yard.

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Vicki Hale said...

Hello, I haven't really done spring cleaning, except for clearing out my storage space, I have several boxes of stuff yet to go through! I have done all 4 of the requirements.

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@tori061157 twitter or Vicki Hale for pinterest

email me at

Dawn Monroe said...

We have pulled weeds, rearranged flower beds and added some mulch. I do not have a green thumb so I wish my lawn and flowers well. I have followed you on facebook ( Dawn Monroe), twitter ( @dawnmonroe83 ) and pintrest ( Dawn Monroe )

Amanda Rauch said...

We are getting ready to plant some spring flowers in the yard soon!! Yay!! Inside, so far we have bought big shelves for the dining room to try to organize all the chaos.

Amanda Rauch said...

Forgot to include my info-sorry:

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We are selling our home so we spent spring doing a complete scrub down inside and redoing the flower beds on the outside.

tina reynolds said...

I cleaned the flower beds out. I follow on twitter @eaglesforjack on facebook tina reynolds and on pinterest eaglesforjack thanks for the chance to win

ariannasma216 said...

I havent gotten a whole lot done but need to get on the ball!

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Shannon F said...

All of my Spring Cleaning is done (thankfully!). I did a deep clean of my whole house and organized all of our closets. It took me about 3 weeks to get it all done (I'm a perfectionist) but I did it! lol I'd love to win this for my MIL, she asked me to help her with her garden this summer.

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Thanks for the chance to win! :)

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My spring cleaning so far has involved cleaning all cupboards and closets. Washing walls, weeding the flower beds and trimming the trees & bushes. I have also cleaned windows and painted the kitchen and dining room.

nightowl said...

erdedjec itsI have been cleaning out the closets and kitchen cabinets. I'd like to start cleaning out the garage and weeding the flower beds.
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Darlene said...

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We painted our living room floor and ceiling, now we're installing hard wood floors.

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JannyBee said...

I planted my garden
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Samantha said...

I'd like to reorganize the basement for spring cleaning this year.

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janetfaye said...

All I have left to do for my Spring cleaning is the windows and a couple of closets need to be organized.

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janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Jocelyn Brown said...


Congrats to BethElderton who said...

We have recently moved into a new (older) home and have remodeled the kitchen. Because of the remodeling, i have not completely unpacked yet. My Spring Cleaning will be unpacking in our new home :)

Thank you all for participating! More giveaways coming up so stay tuned in! :)