DIY scarecrow

Painted Mason Jars

Here’s the ultimate guide and step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own DIY scarecrow painted mason jars – a wonderful addition to your fall or Halloween decor!


mason jars

acrylic paints


paint marker

paint brushes

hot glue gun


fall colored ribbon

Start by painting the mason jars. One will be yellow, one gray and one orange.


Next, draw faces on each mason jar. Once the paint has dried, use the black paint marker or sharpie to draw silly, happy faces on each jar.


Highlight the scarecrows face by adding a touch of pink to the cheeks.


Embellish the mason jars. Attach the fall colored ribbon around the top of the mason jar using the hot glue. Add a piece of rattan around a jar or two to make them each unique.


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