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Guest Post: Chuggington “Fire Patrol Rescue” DVD + Train {Review}

Guest Post: Chuggington “Fire Patrol Rescue” DVD + Train {Review}



Busy moms+busy kids=busy weekends! And when all that busy is going on on a holiday weekend, this Mama knows the kids are going to need a break! That’s why I was excited to let my kids review a new DVD movie from the Chuggington series called “Fire Patrol Rescue” over Easter break.


Chuggington: Fire Patrol Rescue is a super cute, animated train series for pre-schoolers, featuring young trains in training.  This video contains six episodes centered around Asher, a fire and rescue engine. In these episodes Asher learns how to use a fire hose to put out fires and handle other emergencies around the town of Chuggington. He also learns about community service and cooperation!



Chuggington: Fire Patrol Rescue DVD features the following episodes:

  • Blazin’ Wilson
  • Round Up Wilson
  • High Rise Rescue
  • Park Patroller Wilson
  • Stop The Press emery
  • Scrub A Chug

It also includes the following bonus features:

  • Badge Quest Episode: Who do you Appreciate?
  • New character montages: Calley and Skylar
  • Coloring and Activity Pages

Chuggington: Fire Patrol Rescue also includes a limited edition toy train! The boys loved watching Asher help out around Chuggington and this Mama loves a fun way to give the kids a break on a busy weekend!

To make it even more fun, Chuggington has created a free coloring sheet for Hip Mama’s Place readers that you can download here.  It’s perfect for reinforcing the importance of fire safety to your kids.

chuggington fire patrol Coloring Pg2 Preview

In honor of “Chuggington Fire Patrol Rescue Day,” celebrated last March 31st, and to help keep your family and young trainees safe all year-round, here are some important tips from Firechugger Asher and the National Fire Protection Association:

Asher says, “Plan ahead!”

Create a home escape plan so every member of your family knows what to do and where to go if there’s a fire. Designate a meeting spot, such as a tree or mailbox, that’s a safe distance from the home. And practice your home fire drill both at night and during the day.

Asher says, “Stop a fire before it starts!”

Keep matches and lighters out of sight and out of reach from children. Store them up high, preferably in a locked cabinet or drawer. It’s also important to teach kids that lighters and matches are tools for adults only and that they should tell a grown-up if they see these items lying around.

Asher says, “Cool it in the kitchen!”

Always keep an eye on the stove while you’re cooking, and use a timer as a reminder that the stove or oven is on. Create a “kid-free zone” around the stove as well as areas where hot food and drinks are prepared. And make sure to keep anything that can catch fire, including oven mitts and towels, away from hot appliances!

Asher says, “Sound the alarm! “

Smoke detectors are a key part of a home fire escape plan. Make sure to install smoke detectors on every floor of the home, especially inside and outside bedrooms. Don’t forget to test all smoke alarms at least once a month!

Asher says, “Stay low and stay out! “

If, during a fire, you have to escape through smoke, get low, go under the smoke and close the doors behind you as you leave each room. It’s crucial to remind children that, once outside, they should never go back inside for anything, including pets or toys. It’s best to wait to call the fire department until you get outside and are a safe distance away from the fire.

Asher says, “Follow these blazin’ safety tips and you’ll be in control and ready to roll if there’s ever a fire.”

Want more safety tips? Go visit: https://www.nfpa.org/safety-information/safety-tip-sheets


*This is a guest post review by Rabia Lieber for Hip Mama’s Place. Rabia Lieber is the Co-Executive Director and Chief Van Operator in the Lieber household. She’s a full-time working mom of three (one girl and two boys) who blogs in her “spare” time; whatever that is! She’s been married to her husband, Ken, for 12 years and together they are trying to teach their children to pretend they have manners in public, appreciate all things geek, and gracefully avoid meltdowns before bedtime and in the grocery store. She blogs about family life and other things that strike her fancy over at The Lieber Family.

*Disclosure: “Hip Mama’s Place was provided a product to facilitate this review. All reviews and opinions are 100% our own”.

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