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Online Shopping Solutions

In today’s economy and social-distancing society, online ordering and e-commerce are now more important than ever. Package growth is expected to reach over 16 billion in 2020. Online ordering is increasingly becoming more popular and will continue to grow, as it provides safer shopping, better product reviews, convenience with busy schedules, loyalty programs, and saves time finding specific products. An increase in online purchases is a result of many factors, such as increased use of smartphones, social media, online marketplaces, and the way shopping behaviors have changed with generations. Big Commerce states in the United States alone, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $740 billion by 2023. With this growing trend, more and more buildings are looking to technology to solve package volume. The surge is being further fueled by the impending explosion of online grocery shopping, which will not only add to the escalation but increase the urgency of getting packages to residents quickly as well.

Technology To The Rescue

More and more property management companies are looking to apartment package lockers to save time, money, hassle, and provide a simple solution for their residents. Property managers know that such deliveries are manual-labor intensive, and distract their time away from managing their properties, serving residents, and gathering new ones. Delivery errors and stolen packages compound the problem for managers and increase complaints by residents. In this day and age of the pandemic, contactless pickup has become a game-changer. With smart lockers technology, residents can simply scan the barcode or push a button in the mobile app to open. They can also receive alerts, manage packages, and retrieve deliveries with their smartphone. So much frustration by both parties is eliminated with this system.

In this challenging economy, more property managers are being asked to do more with less. With fewer staff and resources on-site, smart lockers provide an easy, secure, contact-free way to manage the overwhelming influx of daily deliveries. Smart locker systems can eliminate time wasted each week handling and sorting packages. One manager, Wanda A. Basil stated “The lockers have changed our lives, we went from handing out 70-100+ packages a day, down to maybe 2-3 oversized packages. The lockers are working amazing, the residents have access to their packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” Another community manager, Brittany Keleman noted “Parcel Pending has restored at least 4 hours per day to my front desk associate. Not to mention, all the space we are now able to utilize in the office. Customer success and customer service teams are exceptional.” Multifamily Executive published that Parcel Pending, a package locker company currently working with clients such as Shea Properties, Winn Residential, and Irvine Company, uses PIN codes individually to each package, which are emailed or texted to the resident with a notification. Many property personnel agree this technology has become a game-changer for everyone involved.

Customizable Solutions

Smart lockers allow management to accommodate more deliveries with various locker configurations, including refrigerated lockers, as a growing number of consumers order groceries, meal kits, flowers, and medication weekly. Freedom to customize colors and wraps to match any property branding or aesthetic, add value to the property. Integrate your open API directly with your existing property management system. Modern conveniences include weatherproof materials and handicap access making it work from any property. With package lockers for multifamily communities, you’ll have access to analytics and dashboards that provide an instant summary of how your lockers are being utilized. Smart lockers help to improve property efficiency while providing a secure, convenient amenity, making it the best delivery option for multifamily residents. While property managers love the immediate reduction in package management activities, residents are responding equally enthusiastically to their use. Several communities who have conducted before and after resident satisfaction surveys report that package lockers are receiving the highest satisfaction scores on record. Many residents report that they never even knew of package lockers before using them, but recognize the pain point only after such lockers were installed.

From planning to implementation, to ongoing support, look for a partner that will ensure your smart lockers provide a special experience for you and your residents. Join the growing community of businesses looking to smart lockers to help reduce operational costs and increase resident satisfaction. Both property managers and residents will have peace of mind knowing their precious packages are in safe hands. Parcel lockers are indeed turning the negative of receiving too many incoming packages, into a positive of better serving residents. They are a proven, emerging solution to the consumer trend, that growth of online shopping will be keeping packages pouring into multi-family communities for years to come.

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