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6 Fashion Dos and Don’ts With Cowboy Boots

6 Fashion Dos and Don’ts With Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots should be a staple in every person’s closet. Cowboy boots can be elegant and classy. And, they can be used to make even the most boring outfit stunning.

However, cowboy boots can quickly turn an outfit from high fashion to a fashion faux pas. Boots are a great choice for a first date, fun night out, or an office outfit, but they need to be worn in the right place and setting to make them a fashion do and not a fashion don’t. Check  online here for some unique accessories to complete your outfit.

Fashion Don’t: Prairie Dresses / Overalls / Daisy Dukes

Your cowboy boots should be a great accent piece to your overall outfit.

Avoid going overboard with the Western theme. Long prairie dresses will overshadow the boots and could look clunky. Overalls or daisy dukes will make it more of a cowboy theme, rather than a classy outfit choice. The idea is to create a fun overall outfit, not to become a walking cliche.

Fashion Do: Polished Looks

A great polished piece, like a solid colored pantsuit, is an ultra-chic way to include your boots into your overall look. If you want to dress up a simple outfit, try a nice pair of jeans and a turtleneck or T-shirt with your favorite cowboy boots.

Leggings are also a great fit for cowboy boots, as they’ll take a back seat to your statement piece. Pair simple leggings and a classy but understated top with loud and exciting boots, or simple boots with a more polished top.

Cowboy boots are great for solid high-fashion looks. Try a look that is all one color, like all white or all black, with visually interesting boots.

Fashion Don’t: Loud Outfits

Try to avoid loud outfits or streetwear that will overshadow the boots.

Your cowboy boots are already making the statement, so you don’t need to wear extra accessories or neon flower print to be the center of focus. Additionally, sequins and fringe are considered over the top and loud, as they distract from the boots.

Fashion Do: Break Out the LBD

Your little black dresses can create an unexpectedly pretty theme when paired with cowboy boots.

Wearing your boots with a shorter dress will give off a feminine and flirty look. If you are on the shorter side, wear boots that are also shorter – booties will help to visually elongate your legs.

Mid-calf dresses or skirts are good as well, but the idea is to find a dress that isn’t too long that it covers the boots, but not too short that it becomes inappropriate. Try to aim for a length between the top of the calf and the knee.

Fashion Don’t: Multiple Repeats

Avoid wearing your cowboy boots on a daily basis. You don’t want to wear them every day and wear them out, as cowboy boots should be worn when you want to switch up your regular footwear.

Cowboy boots are a great staple to have in your closet. Just make sure you don’t commit a fashion faux pas.

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