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5 Types of Music Perfect for Any Event

5 Types of Music Perfect for Any Event

There’s nothing like music to be the bow on top of a perfect party.  Although you can’t cater to everyone’s tastes, there’s nothing wrong with pleasing as many people as possible through sweet music.  These five types of music can be played at nearly any kind of event, and all of them offer wiggle room for personalization and taste!  You’ll never have to question what music to play ever again!

Oldies With Spunk

Oldies are some of the best tunes for any event because almost every song will be known by most people attending.  Even if a piece isn’t known, it has a familiar glow and warmth that only oldies singers can offer through their music.  There’s nothing wrong with modern music, but oldies can transcend any decade, any party theme, and any office get-together.  They’re fun, a little quirky, and easy to dance to.

Dance Music of Any Era

Speaking of easy dancing, dance music of nearly any decade combined can work out!  The important thing is to ensure that the genre of music is the same throughout.  If you select random hits from a bunch of eras, it won’t work, which we’ll discuss in a later section.  Instead, dance music from the last forty years all hits a familiar beat and will keep people excited and eager to cut loose and have fun.  This can also be a great way to build hype for any business press releases to get the public pumped up!

Top Hits of the Previous Year

More people will recognize the hits of the previous year than they’ll recognize what’s currently popular.  Offsetting the popularity by a year ensures people have had time to become familiar with the songs, learn some of the lyrics, and recognize the opening beats that make it so exciting.  Consider which genres of top hits you want to include based on the partygoers.  Would they be more interested in rock?  Pop?  Country music?  It’s okay to cater to what would be popular.

Live String Quartets

String quartets may feel very one-note if you haven’t seen them perform in the last twenty years, but they’re mixing things up and keeping performance fresh!  Many string quartets play reimaginings of popular songs, while others keep to the classics.  There’s a lot of wiggle room in this genre of music, which makes it fun for almost anyone who wants to enjoy it.

Hits from Specific Eras

Although you may be tempted to believe that hits from any era can be easily mixed, it’s less successful than you may think.  Using a list of hits from a specific period, like the 80s or the 2010s, can inspire a certain sense of nostalgia while also putting people in the mindset of that decade.  You can choose which decade you go with based on which era fits the event.  It’s an easy answer if it’s a themed party, but consider what age would suit a business launching best, and you can see your response has to be a little more bespoke.

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