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4 Ways to Pest Proof Your Home for Under $100

4 Ways to Pest Proof Your Home for Under $100

For many homeowners, an intrusive pest invasion can be the thing that nightmares are made from. Resilient, never-ending lines of ants marching into your home on a tireless mission to discover food and make your skin crawl can be a nightmare for any homeowner. The same is true for other pests that can enter without your consent, such as spiders, mice, or rats. Thankfully, there are multiple ways you can defend yourself from these nuisances without breaking the bank. Continue reading to discover four powerful tips for creating a fortress, secure from any impending pest invasion.

  • Seal All Openings Immediately and Regularly

Something that may seem obvious is to seal off any known entrances that pests may find to get into your home. Usually, a homeowner will seal off a passage once with caulk and then forget about it. Unfortunately, this wins the battle, but there is a bigger war going on. For a crack in your defenses to become insect-proof permanently, it needs to be sealed, and then periodically checked to make sure the sealing medium is still effective. An example of this is caulking, while it is effective at cutting off an entry-point for pests, it has a limited life and needs to be replaced according to the label to retain its effectiveness. Visit attic-rat.com to learn how to seal entry points.

  • Tidy Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is where you prepare food for yourself and your family. Additionally, it is the promised land for all types of insects and vermin. The last place you want them, however, is in the kitchen. The most effective way to stop pests from entering the home is to maintain a clean kitchen. This means never letting dishes sit in the sink for extended periods, always wipe down the counters to remove gunky buildup and tiny crumbs. Also, mopping the floor frequently is essential, too, as this is a catch basin for crumbs that can create an insect buffet.

  • Trapping is Better than Killing

While it is true that killing a mouse eliminates the immediate threat, if you have multiple mouse traps and forget to change one of them, it can lead to even worse problems. The rotting body becomes a site of pilgrimage for insects, and it will entice them to enter your home. Once the insects are inside, they are hard to remove. The better alternative is to trap the mouse and dispose of it outside of your home. This will eliminate the mouse and any potential secondary threats that could come with a dead mouse body. Find out how to trap a mouse yourself.

  • Birds are a Powerful Ally

In the war against pest invasion, nature can deliver many powerful allies that will rally to your cause. Setting out feeders for birds on your property can bring about an aerial assault on insects. These birds will come for the bird feeders, but while they are there, they will prey on any growing or large insect populations that can cause issues down the road. The only thing to consider is the placement of the bird feeders. It would be a shame to irradicate an insect colony, only to create a bird problem. If you can manage this, you will be well on your way to cost-effective pest control under a hundred dollars.

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