Free Babysitting on Election Day

I want to vote, but I don’t have anyone to watch the kids. I can’t leave them home alone!

When you’re a mom, balancing your parental responsibilities with your civic duty seems more and more daunting as Election Day approaches. But not this year! TodaysMama and today announced that as part of the MamaVote initiative, they will offer free and discounted babysitting on Election Day, November 4, 2008. From October 27 to November 3, all individuals who sign up for a membership at with the promotional code MamaVote08 will be eligible for 50 percent off babysitting on Election Day. In addition, the first 50 individuals to register will receive free babysitting for two hours on Election Day.

TodaysMama joined with the League of Women Voters and to launch MamaVote last year, a non-partisan, education and inspiration-based initiative that encourages mothers to get involved in the political process. By offering discounted, reliable babysitting, these organizations hope to get more women to the polls.

“Mothers make up one of the most powerful voting blocks in our nation,” said Rachael Herrscher, co-founder and CEO of TodaysMama. “We want to encourage all mothers to vote, and finding a babysitter can be a big road block. Mothers can and do make a difference every day, and we are excited to see the voter turnout for this historical election.

In the current political environment, U.S. women are significantly under-represented in public office. There are 87 women serving in the Senate and House, making up just 16 percent of Congress. The U.S. ranks 66th in the world in the percentage of women in national parliaments – trailing such nations as Iraq, Cuba, South Africa and China. In the 2004 election, women voted at a 65 percent rate, compared with 62 percent of men. Most analysts believe that women constitute the vast majority of swing voters, making election cycles potentially more dynamic and less predictable.

“We are honored to partner with TodaysMama and the League of Women Voters to make it easier for women to vote in key U.S. cities by providing them with reliable election-day child care,” said Genevieve Thiers, founder and CEO of Sittercity. “The nation and its children will benefit tremendously from having even more mothers involved in the process of electing public servants.”

Mothers can go to and register using the discount code MamaVote08. For articles, interviews and voting information, visit

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