Aquafina FlavorSplash Peach Mango Review and Giveaway!

Hard to believe this is the last week of the Aquafina FlavorSplash Mom campaign I participated through Mom Central. It’s been great taking part in this review campaign and I thank Mom Central in letting me participate in it. Me and my family will surely miss the weekly water flavors we receive from Aquafina. :)

Anyway, this week- we got to try a new Aquafina FlavorSplash flavor: Peach Mango. I buy peach mango flavor juice all the time so this flavor was a huge hit with everyone in the family. My kids really, really love it!

As this campaign comes to a close, I’d like to thank Mom Central for choosing me as one of the Aquafina FlavorSplash Moms. Also, to sum up everything that I learned about Aquafina FlavorSplash, I’ve included some important details about this product:

~FlavorSplash is filtered water with natural fruit flavors and sweetened with Splenda brand of sweeteners (also known as Sucralose)

~Every serving of FlavorSplash contains zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs- means, it’s perfect for when you’re also watching your diet!

~FlavorSplash comes in six refreshing flavors: Grape, Strawberry Kiwi (our top fave!), Wild Berry, Raspberry, Lemon and Peach Mango. It’s now available at your favorite retailers across the country, except in Wyoming, Montana, parts of Alabama and parts of Idaho.

Try them now and download a coupon good towards $1 off a 6-Pack of Aquafina FlavorSplash HERE.

For the six weeks of drinking all the different fantastic water flavors from Aquafina FlavorSplash, I can say this has become a staple in our family. I opened the fridge this morning to reach for a FlavorSplash bottle to go with my morning workout but alas, they’re all gone! (LOL). So it’s now in the grocery list for the week. :)


I feel lucky to be an Aquafina FlavorSplash Mom. I received numerous samples of Aquafina coupons for the six-pack bottles and lip balms for my participation in this blog review campaign and would like to share some of them with you. Of course, most of those had already been shared to family, friends and my kids’ teachers. But I set some aside to give away to two of you, lucky Hip Mama’s Place readers!

Two (2)readers will each win: (as shown in the above photo)

~ One (1) coupon Good for one 6-pack of 16.9 oz 6-Pack of Aquafina FlavorSplash to any flavor of your choice

~5 Aquafina Wild Berry Lip Balms to enjoy for yourself and to share to your family and friends

To enter the contest, just leave a comment on this post by July 1st, 2010. This contest is open to US ADDRESSES ONLY. I will pick two (2) winners using at the end of the contest. Good luck!

Hip Mama’s Place Disclosure: “I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Aquafina FlavorSplash and have received various FlavorSplash samples to facilitate my participation. Mom Central will send me a gift card at the end of the program.”

About the Author: Jocelyn Duncan is a working mom of two boys and is a recognized blogger and mom influencer in the Washington, DC area. In her spare time, she designs and creates her own handmade jewelry, maintains her jewelry store on Etsy and is an active moms group organizer and leader both online and offline. Follow Jocelyn on Twitter and/or Facebook.

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Jocelyn Brown is the founder and managing editor of Hip Mama's Place. Her goal is to make Hip Mama's Place a fantastic, go-to site where moms and dads feel empowered, inspired and encouraged. Jocelyn is also a wife, mom to three boys, jewelry designer, business owner and an active moms group organizer and leader both online and offline. Follow her daily updates and the latest happenings at Hip Mama's Place via her social network pages below.


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing! We’ve never tried this, but the Strawberry Kiwi sounds so refreshing!

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  2. says

    *This contest is closed*

    BrendaLea, the Prpldy said…

    I love the Aquafina Lip Balm, but haven’t tried the drink yet. Thanks for the chance to win.
    prpldy (at) comcast dot net


    Crystal H. said…
    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! I love Aquafina Flavorsplash!

    Thank you all for participating! :)

  3. says

    I realize this conest is over but I’ve been trying to look up the Aquafina Lip Balm company and am having no luck. I wanted to let them know how much I love the lip balm. I have had numerous surgeries that they go through my nose to get to the base of my brain and this last time they had o cut under my lip as well as take the cartilage out of my nose that left me with no feeling in my top lip and most of my nose. I can’t tell if my lips are dry until its too late and they are cracked and bleeding. Then when I got he feeling back in the corners of my mouth it was VERY irritating to have dry lips when one is numb.

    I started using Carmex again on a very regular basis but if I didn’t stand in front of a mirror I couldn’t feel how much I put on and would glob it and i would get in my mouth.
    I tried Softlips and I loved how it was so smooth and creamy not like a waxy chapstick, but I was going through them like crazy and having to reapply continuously.
    Then I found the Aquafina in he pharmacy at Walmart and it was a lot cheaper for a pack of them so I tried them. I LOVE them so much! I couldn’t imagine life without them now! For the last year I have bought probably 15 packages. My family laughs at me because I have them stashed all over the house. I didn’t have one on he desk on time the oher day but I had a softlips so I just used it…I realized very quickly how frequently I have to reapply it compared to Aquafina! I just wanted them to hear my story and know how much I appreciate hem and their product, but like I said I can’t find anywhere to leave them a comment. If you wouldn’t mind fowarding it to them for me I would so greatly appreciate it.
    Thank You So Much
    Christy Smith

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